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The Open Heart Space exists to provide students with one-of-a-kind experiences that remind you of who you truly are: SOUL.

By sharing in the serene, quiet of nature and the inherent wildness of the out of doors, we give our students time to reflect on their life, and their goals and dreams. You will be free to revel in the joy and peace found in quiet moments and explore, play, wonder and wander to your hearts content! 

Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Middle Fork of the Salmon River

Liz and Rhett riding

Liz and Rhett riding



Backcountry gear

Backcountry gear






In these morning and evening classes we will explore the gentle movements of Qi Gong, an ancient art known to increase mental focus, energy levels, balance and focus. 

We will be pairing this practice with a series of simple meditations, which will include positive visualization, incorporate the breath, and help to quiet the mind. 


Together this mental and physical practice, can assist in reducing tension and stress, fostering a sense of well-being and bringing more peace into everyday life!

This is a gentle practice for all levels.


When was the last time you spent an hour outside, listening to the birds in the trees, or the stream flow by?  When was the last time you were so still that the forests' wildlife closed in around you, a squirrel coming close enough to touch?

Guests will get to try their hand at a gentle re-introduction to the "wilderness."  We will help you to boost your inner confidence by learning to build a fire from scratch, forage and cook over a camp stove and sleep in the open night, under a sky full of stars.

There will also be Solo Sit time and Vision Quest time, where you will be encouraged to unplug and experience as an observer in nature.


Our retreats are set in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, one of the largest Wilderness territories in the Lower 48. This alone is an incredible opportunity to experience the great outdoors in a pristine condition! 

Horses are highly sensitive beings capable of reflecting how we show up in their presence at any given time. Their ability to perceive what is going on inside of us, when we may not even be aware of these things ourselves  can lead to powerful learnings. 

Do you feel that you show up authentically, back unnoticed fear, pain or frustration is holding you back? Your Equine partners are able to show this to you in clear, non-judgmental ways that can allow you to create real change in your habit patterns while processing your emotions in the present moment.

Students will have the opportunity to spend time with the horses both in camp and when they are "at liberty" as they free-range in the meadows. We will also have a chance to experience one-on-one Equine Coaching during the retreat. 

All horse interaction in optional,

and no mounted activity is required. 


"Working with the horses truly gave me a new found respect for these gentle giants. I never knew how emotionally powerful and healing equines could be until spending an extended period of time with them on this trip.  I am forever grateful for their wisdom and stillness."

~ J. Frank, San Antonio

"Brownie" the Mule Equine Coaching.JPG

“Everybody had a hand in making meals and being the “Fire Goddess” during our trip. I've never felt more capable of feeding and warming the masses!  SO delicious soul-filling--I'm still craving for more months later.”

Wild Alaskan Salmn Dinner

A favorite part of these backcountry experiences is the incredible opportunity it is to truly FEED yourself--body, mind and soul.  Our menu is full of delicious, GOURMET items that we satiate you beyond what you might think possible in such a rustic setting.


Read... Grilled Wild-Caught (by yours truly!) Alaskan Salmon served with herbed-dijon-and caper-aioli, long-grain rice, locally-sourced tomato and basil caprese salad,... finish your meal with a camp favorite: Dutch Oven Apple Dapple Cake with wild mint and rosehip tea.  

We will take time to share our knowledge of wild, edible plants during hikes and outings. Learning to cook over campfires and with Dutch Ovens is also included in your curriculum. 

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