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At The Open Heart Space we are passionate about offering others similar gifts of learning, that we have both been granted.  Click and read below to see how our individual journey's have led us here.  

cook over a camp fire
& find wild edibles
Bathe outdoors
sleep outside & under the stars
build a fire from scratch
Eco Toilet

" I cannot thank Jess and Liz enough for what they bestowed on me.  Absolutely life changing in all of the wonderful ways you can imagine."


" This trip has provided the type of magic that can last a life time. Love you ladies so much, and thank you from the very bottom of my heart for being such fearless leaders, teachers, and journey seekers.

"I was able to take their teachings/practices back to the "real world" and have never felt more at peace in my daily routine."

I am a newly healed human because of this experience."

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