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Liz Witter Beyond th Fence Ranch

liz witter


beyond the fence ranch

The Open Heart Space partners with the wonderful (and magical) Liz Witter of Beyond the Fence Ranch to share similar offerings to our students.


Liz works as an Energy Artist, Lightworker, Qi Gong and Mediation Teacher. She lives on a farm in the wild, western frontier town of Kanab, Utah. She lives "Beyond the Fence" mentally and physically with her herd of horse and mules that have appointed her as their guardian in the lifetime.  Liz is passionate about teaching Qi Gong and Sheng Zhen Gong to women, children, the elderly and just about anyone who is open and curious. 

She also loves to encourage inner growth, bringing people alive to their fullest potential through Equine Coaching and experiences in nature. Liz provides small, exclusive pack-trips with her herd around the Kanab area and sometimes further. She invites people to come and stay on her humble ranch with her and experience life beyond the fence!

When she's not living her wildest dreams, helping people to connect deeply with themselves, she enjoys playing and listening to the rain with her dogs and partner who also shares her passion for Qi Gong and helping others. 

To experience Liz's incredible home-away-from home, click here or inquire about Beyond the Fence Ranch here.


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